Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Greenacres?

A. As an independent, not-for-profit organisation, the sole focus of Greenacres is to enrich the lives of the people we support through a diverse and inspiring range of programs, training and employment opportunities.

Regardless of the abilities or support needs of the people we support, our goal is always the same – to build confidence, skills and independence so they can live the best life possible.


Q. What services does Greenacres offer?

A. From 17 to 70, Greenacres supports people with a disability through every stage of life. From our innovative Kickstart for Life program for teenagers, right through to our world-leading Retirement Options program for our older participants.

As well as a range of community, life and leisure programs, Greenacres also has an adaptive and progressive Supported Employment Enterprises employing over 240 people with disability.


Q. I know someone who may benefit from Greenacres’ services. How do I get in touch with you?

A. To make an enquiry, please call us at 1300 135 804 and we’ll be happy to forward your call to the appropriate department.


Q. Where can I learn more about Greenacres Disability Services?

A. To learn more, please visit or call our friendly team on 1300 135 804.


Q. I’ve just received a call from you to purchase raffle tickets. Is this a legitimate call?

A. Only OneContact®, a professional call centre, makes calls on behalf of Greenacres. To confirm the validity of your call, please dial 1300 135 804.


Q. I am a previous supporter but it looks like I’m getting more tickets than I had previously received.

A. Greenacres recently changed their ticket structure. We now offer you more entries for each purchase, giving you more chances to  win  enter our draw! Entries start at 10 entries for $30.


Q. How do I receive my tickets and pay for them?

A: Once you have been contacted by us and pledge your support, you will either receive tickets in the post or via email. There are various options to pay for your tickets and via this website is one of them. Please select the payment option on this page and follow the prompts.